Frequently asked questions

Does SmashHaus profit share

NO - SMASHHAUS DOES NOT participates in your income or intellectual property in any way. We are simply a tech utility available as a SAAS business model run by people that have deep relationships in the industry allowing access to real work..

Do you ever work through Middle-Men, Brokers, Agents or others?

NO! WE NEVER WORK THROUGH MIDDLE MEN! We require that all Companies in our network must be the ones offering you a deal or paying for use or purchase​ of content and deals must be direct with them. FOR THE RECORD. Smash Haus Music Group, the first version of our business USED TO BE A MIDDLE-MEN so we know exactly how removing middle men will benefit our music familyhood. WHY WE PIVOTED We have driven millions of dollars into the pockets of indie musicians making millions ourselves but in the end our Creators did not build careers or direct relationships and so we don't believe in being a middle-man anymore. In fact, we are risking ruining our own business to create a better one for creators. Learn more about our CEO Dylan Berry and his mission to help artists and disrupt music industry gate keepers by checking out his website and connecting with him on instagram: WEB DM him on Instagram @dylanberryofficial

How does SmashHaus make money?

We are a SAAS company charnging for storage and other tech tools. We never charge anhyone to submit music. In the future, we will launch direct to Synch distribution in 2022 that will be much like distributing to Itunes, Spotify only this will distribute into the music catalogs of major TV Networks and production companies.

How does the legal process work with Companies? Is it direct?

You sign your own deal directly with Companies. Companies provide that deal and if you "Opt in" to their terms, you are in business directly with them. Note: Though we are not a middle man and do not participate in any income or legal deals you have with Companies, we still provide them the same service in the form of quality control, wrangling talent to sign agreements etc. Once we button that all up, we pass your content off to Companies and they run with it at your agreed terms and then deal directly with you. We do NOT handle transacts, cue sheets or any of those issues, we simple are the content pipeline to Companies.

Do clients have access to me directly?

Yes, clients can request to speak with you and you will recieve a message and can communicate direclty with them if you have an advanced account. SmashHaus does not control communication or influence deals we are just the tools you use to faciliate that communication but please note, communication must be initiated by Companies first. This is the only way that our system stays effecient for them.

What is the SmashHaus network?

We are building a global network of Media Companies and content creators working in all entertainment mediums from music and radio to visual media and beyond. This network can access each other directly on the SmashHaus platform.

Are we like other companies who stand between content and companies and control the relationships?

No, we are removing the need for these companies and simply provide the tools for companies to connect with content creators and help make sure that the best creators rise to the top. We never charge people to submit to opportunites, only for storage and tech tools. We do not stand between creators and companies. Companies decide when they communicate with creators. Companies post jobs and at times we help them with that. Other than that, we are a 100% impartial tech utility.