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PRESS RELEASE: Hollywood Ent/Tech company SmashHaus partners with Blip Billboards offering affordable digital billboard space to the creative industries.

Hollywood Entertainment tech company SmashHaus partners with Blip Billboards, a disruptor to the digital billboard industry, offering billboard space at a fraction of the traditional costs - making billboard advertising available to anyone with any budget. The deal sets forth a new opportunity for creative industry professionals small and large working in Music, TV, Film, New Media, NFTs and Web3 to broadcast on digital billboards nationwide. Something unheard of before now and cost prohibitive.

SmashHaus Founder and outspoken advocate for the arts, Dylan Berry states, “Working in Hollywood we know how important effective exposure marketing is and with so much noise online, OOH marketing is still a tried and true way to reach our audiences. I am excited to offer this resource not only to our vibrant creative community at SmashHaus but to our thriving media company network worldwide. It’s a game changer!”.

Blip hosts an ever expanding inventory of thousands of billboards nationwide and offers budgets that rival Facebook and Instagram marketing budgets. Now businesses and creative entertainment industry Entrepreneurs can afford billboards space and see impactful results.

BIZ INQUIRIES CONTACT Dylan Berry, SmashHaus at

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