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SmashHaus x Outhere Music

BIG NEWS: Outhere Music, The world’s largest classical music catalog partners with SmashHaus to lead it’s music strategy in the US.

Outhere Music (Belgium) partners with leading Hollywood music/tech company SmashHaus to inroad it’s coveted, award winning classical music repertoire in Hollywood and beyond with a focus on both traditional and new media licensing venues (Metaverse, Web3).

The Outhere Music Catalog host over 86,000 classical, orchestral and original compositions and is one of the most prestigious classical body of works in the world.

Outhere has engaged SmashHaus and it's founder, Radio host and top music producer Dylan Berry, to lead Gallo’s innovation and activations in the U.S. and Hollywood. “As a musician, I am beyond excited and honored to bring this amazing, rare body of music to the forefront here in Hollywood and make it available to the media production world!”. Dylan Berry - SmashHaus Founder



For inquiries please contact

- SmashHaus ℅ Dylan Berry

Or DM Dylan on instagram @dylanberryofficial

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